Inspired by deb schwedhelm’s project she and 11 other photographers began last summer “what___ looks like” – i have tried to photograph my family more these past few months. i have always looked at it as a chore…just one more thing i need to shoot and edit, i know that’s pathetic so i’ve tried to make a commitment to myself and my family to shoot more, much more this year.

On Thursdays mason, my oldest has karate (Tim Clark Karate)and my younger three have to wait patiently (or not) til he is finished.

noah doing a word search

ava and the word search

then ava gets bored and writes on herself

happy people fingers

mason getting ready to spar

ahh, temple run!

i think he was probably glad he had a cup on this one

bella taking a rest…

noah playing with my scarf

bella playing with a friend

and it’s all over til next week!

karate day

  • February 17th, 2012
  • Posted in Personal

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