July, 2012 Archives

the kids don’t get to see their great-grandparents very often so it’s always interesting watching their hesitation at first.

but grandparents and great-grandparents always have a way of making the kids feel loved and at home.

pa graff wasn’t feeling well at all, so they checked his sugar while we there…

until next time nicholasville…

sunday mornings are always relaxing when we visit nicholasville. get up when you want…coffee, paper and something good to eat.

grandpa takes bella and noah over to the park for a bit before it got too hot.

i’m pretty sure grandpa was having a conversation with mason about fighting with noah. they did that all weekend…the fighting.

we went to nicholasville, KY to visit grandma and grandpa a few weeks ago. decided to spend the afternoon at Aunt Dorris’ pool since it was 150 degrees in the shade.

the kids have been taking swim lessons every summer since they were 2. mason is 9 and thinks he’s got this swimming thing down and doesn’t realize his dad used to be on the swim team!

daddy won :)

how come they didn’t make this when i was a kid?

poor baxter got to go swimming too.

notice the justin bieber t-shirt…new from grandma that weekend. she loved of course!

do not recall what this convo is all about… probably some sort of argument over who’s turn it was to dunk baxter in the pool.