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One night this past December as I couldn’t sleep I was mindlessly reading Facebook status updates. I saw an update from Allison that said she wasn’t doing Christmas cards this year. I immediately sent her a message informing her otherwise.  So we finally got it all together, met up and had this great shoot with her cool kids – Ainsley and Alden. It was fun and her christmas cards rocked it! Thanks allison. The song in this video is my new fave christmas song…Christmas on the Moon by Slink Moss Explosion…enjoy!

What a fun shoot with a really sweet family. I shot these brothers in the studio back in the summer….Spencer is the older brother and was so shy then. But maybe because I was at his house this time or maybe because he was a bit older, he wasn’t so shy anymore! We had fun, he showed me his Trash Truck he got for Christmas which he loved, loved!

The shot below was taken on Spencer’s bed. I asked him if he could bounce on it…he was not shy about doing that for me!

Mr. Brody was napping when I arrived….here he is getting ready for his closeup!

There it is….the orange Trash Truck ! Oh and Blue (the dog) of course.

Wilson family