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Holy Family School has a Fall Festival every year that serves as a huge fundraiser plus tons of fun for all the kids and adults as well. This year there was also an alumni dinner for all of Holy Family’s graduates….recent and not so recent! There is a special place in my heart for Holy Family because so many of my family members have attended. My parents both graduated in 1965. My mother’s mom, Phylis Curtis Miller graduated in 1942. My dad’s mother Delia Lemon Gallaher attended 1923 – 1934. As well as many cousins, aunts and uncles. In 1986 Holy Family High School closed and I was in the 8th grade so I graduated from St. Joe High School in Ironton, OH. And now my four children are enrolled in Holy Family School! It’s such a warm, kind and caring atmosphere, I cannot imagine them anyplace else.

Below is a shot of my grandparents at the Alumni Dinner, Phylis Curtis Miller and Larry Miller


Follow this link for more pictures from the weekend!

OK, if my family should ever disown me (hypothetical of course!) I am so going to live with the Klein’s. Look at them! Who wouldn’t? For real, totally sweet, kind and funny people. Very enjoyable session and a beautiful evening.









So this pretty much sums up Hannah! Fun, way cute, dimples the size of craters, energetic, fun, oh and cute. We started out in the studio with some more traditional shots and then moved on to the Paramount . After that we walked around the parking lot…it was such a gorgeous day and the sun was beginning to set. There was beautiful light everywhere so we were able to get lots of different shots right there in the Paramount parking lot! Check out her video for a peek at a few more shots from the session. Thanks Hannah and Angie, you all were wonderful!

Hannah D 2010

Hannah D