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This is Isabella, she will be 3 in June. She rocked the studio yesterday! Seriously. she changed outfits 4 times and i think would have done more if she had more clothes!  thanks to her mommy, kristen…you guys were a blast!





Savannah is a senior at Blazer and is THE sweetest girl. She was so excited to have her picture taken which made it really enjoyable for me too!

A few things about savannah….Friends call her Vanna. Favorite color is yellow. Loves to eat spaghetti o’s and kool-aid while watching Rob and Big and listening to coldplay. Savannah wants to go to space next summer (i don’t know, it’s just what she wrote)



I read several blogs everyday to help me with inspiration, learn new techniques, find out what else is going on in the world or just to procrastinate.

Zack Arias is an amazing photographer out of Atlanta. Scott Kelby is The Photoshop God and hosts a guest blogger every Wednesday. Today it was Zack Arias.

Perhaps it is the cold medicine i took this morning or the rain outside…i don’t know. Check out this video.

Zack Arias on Scott Kelby’s blog