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Cathy and her son Luke came in before christmas to get a few shots together and then a few of Luke by himself. This was actually her sister’s christmas gift to her!! (thanks lisa!) So everything started off great…luke and his mom were smiling and it was all good. Then Luke changes clothes and we were going to get some of him by himself. Except Luke had other plans….like leaving. He put his jacket on and was pulling his mom out the door. So I’m thinking…great…what am i going to come up with to make him want to stay?!  Thankfully i have lots of practice in the art of distraction, having 4 little ones of my own. I asked Luke if he wanted to see something really cool outside (not knowing myself what it was going to be). So of course he says yes!

Now….what do i have that is cool outside? um some dead trees and flowers, a bunch of gravel and weeds and chain fence…nice. oh right i have a crushed up tire play area! So I grab a few army men and take them out with me. We get out there and it’s about 20 degrees and I know he’s thinking this is so not cool. So i again i distract him and bury the army men. Next i tell him that my little boy was out here playing and i think he lost some army men and could he help me find them….and i hold my breath. Luke grins and starts looking! wooohooo i have him back! OK, so we mess around out there and then gradually come back inside with the army men and between lisa, cathy and i get luke back into the studio.  I don’t remember how it went down but either lisa or cathy acted like they were putting this fake snake on my head and he thought that was THE funniest thing ever! And that is how we got the rest of these images! Once we got him started we shot forever…i don’t think i’ve ever gotten as many cute pictures of a little guy as i did of Luke. He was awesome and we were friends by the end!


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Cathy and Luke