November, 2008 Archives

Chase is my very first senior from Boyd County High School! We went to the baseball field there (from what i understand he’s a pretty rockin baseball player) as well as the stands of the football stadium (chase is a football player too!). We finished up back at the studio while listening to a little Nickelback and called it a day.


This is Zach and Hannah. How adorable are they? Oh my gosh, they were such cute and sweet kids…for real!

And their cousins, Maddy and Spencer joined them for a grandkids picture! What a precious crew!


Christian is a senior at Blazer and is into drama and shoes! We started out at his house then went to the park for several different shots. I didn’t even have to do much arm twisting to get Christian in the fountain at the park. We ended up at the train depot on the river which was fantastic. It was my first time shooting there and I definitely want to go back…there are so many possibilities! Thanks christian…you made my job easy!