October, 2008 Archives

Emma and her baby sister, Olivia came in last month for pictures…emma for her 2 yr pics and olivia for some little squishy baby pics. i loved these two above.

Emma also was in the Sunburst International Star Search at the Ashland Town Center this past weekend and did really well. she won Miss Photogenic with this photo below! how cute! She also won Super Star and 2nd Place over all. Her mom, Vicki says that emma is now eligible to go to the state compitition in May.

emma and olivia

Whitney let me shoot her senior pictures this week and it was another beautiful day. don’t know why this weather has been so good but it sure makes it nice when i schedule shoots outside nearly every day! so whitney had some amazing blue eyes and a ton of different looks. the blue shirt on the bottom right is my fav. very nice!


Andrew is the mascot for Blazer (hence the catsuit). What fun…a cat reading the paper (all andrew’s idea btw) on Judd Plaza and jumping off of walls. fun stuff! my favorite is either the red door shot or the brick walls with the suit. it’s amazing what you can find in downtown ashland!

Andrew the cat