August, 2008 Archives

Amanda is a senior in South Point and she and her friends spend a lot of time hanging out in Huntington so we went there for her pictures. We had some fun at a parking garage…despite the smell and the heat. Amanda is also a serious shopper so we checked out Runway Couture and Heels in Pullman Square . It was a really cool afternoon and I’m so excited that Amanda was my first senior from South Point!

Amanda at Pullman

The thing I’ve noticed about my seniors so far is how willing everyone has been to go different places or do strange things. Lindsay was no exception! It really makes my job…well…not so much like a job. It’s very exciting to see all the neat things we can create together. I think my fave is at the top of the PAC stairs!


I am loving Madison in the red dress at the construction site!! And I couldn’t believe how beautiful the Ohio River looked.

Madison definitely made my editing job difficult…i usually try to weed out all the shots with crooked smiles or funny looks right away but they were all awesome!