June, 2008 Archives

This is chris…he’s in a band and wanted some shots for his cd that’s coming out. we took these at Calvary Cemetery in Ashland a couple of weeks ago when it was 203 degrees outside. Pretty darn miserable – we just kind of walked around wiping away sweat. But an awesome place for photography.

Chris at Calvary Cemetery

spent yesterday evening in the ER with ava. apparently she has an allergy to cashews! she started coughing and itching and wheezing within about 5 minutes of eating them. within 1/2 hour her hands and face were swollen and she was starting to get welts all over her body. they started an iv and gave her some steroids, antihistamines and a breathing treatment and she was good as gold again! we were back home within two hours, like nothing ever happened. pretty scary stuff…she was an excellent little girl. sweet as can be.

ava at the ER

This was one of the last attempts at a family photo. Ava is crying – that’s an understatement. Well, I guess Noah is crying too. Bella is bewildered and Mason’s leg is the only part of him in the photo. I’m sure he was was crying too. This was last summer, maybe we’ll give it another shot this summer. It can’t be any worse.

Anyhow, happy father’s day to all the daddy’s out there!

Happy Father’s Day!