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One night this past December as I couldn’t sleep I was mindlessly reading Facebook status updates. I saw an update from Allison that said she wasn’t doing Christmas cards this year. I immediately sent her a message informing her otherwise.  So we finally got it all together, met up and had this great shoot with her cool kids – Ainsley and Alden. It was fun and her christmas cards rocked it! Thanks allison. The song in this video is my new fave christmas song…Christmas on the Moon by Slink Moss Explosion…enjoy!

Carter is 1 year old! Gosh, so hard to believe. Carter’s mom, Jamie is my cousin so I have been photographing her family for a long time. First it was engagement pictures, then family pics with their furry children…then maternity pictures. Oh wait no, Jamie wouldn’t let me do those! So then newborn, 6 month and now 1 yr Carter pics! I always enjoy photographing the Anderson family and I hope there are more babies to photograph in the future!

After we did some outside shots we went back to Matt and Jamie’s house to do a few of Carter playing. They told me he spends a lot of time on this couch looking out the window!

How cute is this…hugging the sock monkey that popped up!

And lastly we went to the park to play on the merry go round. You can see Carter loved this thing!

His shirt says it all. soooo cute i want to eat him up!

Love you guys, thanks for letting me photograph your family!

Carter is 1!

Isabelle turned 7 the day before our shoot. She was very excited about it!

She stays with her grandmother every summer so we get to see her a lot at the pool during the summers. Her grandmother told me that I look similar to her daughter, Isabelle’s mom, and thought that Isabelle would relate well to me during a shoot. We had a really great time together in her grandmother’s backyard! We looked at potato bugs, talked about birds, made different funny faces and enjoyed the morning.

She got this unicorn as one of her presents. It’s name of course was Corny. We had both recently seen Despicable Me so we bonded over the fluffy unicorn scene in the movie!

Doesn’t this make you want to be 7 again?

What a sweet sweet girl. Until next summer, Isabelle…